Introducing the Swansea University blog on Legal Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Law, Computational Law, and related topics.

On this blog, you will find posts, notifications, links and other information about the LegalTech research, development, and application activities carried out at Swansea University. The blog is mainly written and edited by Adam Wyner, Associate Professor of Law and Computer Science at Swansea University; guest contributions will also appear. The blog primarily covers aspects related to teaching in the LegalTech LLM as well as activities at the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIEL) which appear on this blog, which are under the direction of Adam Wyner. The intended audience is local (Swansea University and the city of Swansea), regional (Wales and the UK), and international (Europe, the USA, and global). Posts will be about teaching LegalTech, e.g. topics, tools, other training programs, and challenges, and the activities around CIEL, e.g. visitors, meetings, and workshops. It will also present general matters arising about promoting the LegalTech/AI and Law agenda. Note that material specifically related to courses in the LegalTech LLM should be found in the relevant course teaching site or from the course lecturer.

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