LegalTech Summer School

Swansea University

5-9 August 2019

The Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law, Swansea University, is pleased to announce the first LegalTech Summer School (LTSS), to be held from 5-9 August 2019 at the Computational Foundry on the Bay Campus, Swansea, UK.

The LTSS 2019 offers the opportunity to learn about the application of Artificial Intelligence concepts and technologies as they apply to law and legal services, which are driving dramatic change in LegalTech. The programme particularly suits legal professionals working in private sector law firms, public sector government offices, and third sector non-profit organisations. The courses and hands on sessions will be taught by lecturers from industry and academia. In addition, prominent invited speakers will address the current situation and future of LegalTech.

Registration Now open

Places are limited, and early registration is strongly recommended to avoid disappointment. Please use EventBrite:

Registration ticket of 950 GBP includes: 5 days of tuition, lunches, and refreshments. The fee also includes a drinks reception and a Summer School dinner.

accommodation and local information

On the link, you will find a page about accommodation and local information.

Note that LTSS2019 is being held on the Bay Campus of Swansea University. In making accommodation arrangements, it is worth consulting Google Maps about local transportation between your accommodation and the Bay Campus.


5 August
9-1:15Invited Speakers
Bruna Pellicci, CTO
Greg Baker, Lead Innovation Lawyer
Principles of Legal Design
Erika Pagano
Annabel Wilson
2-6Principles of Legal Design (cont.)
6-Drinks reception
6 August
9-1:15Natural Language Processing
Mark Greenwood
GATE at Sheffield University
2-6Natural Language Processing (cont.)
7 August
9-1:15Machine Learning and Law
Lachan Harrison-Smith
Daniel Roythorne
2-6Open Session – tourism or meetings
8 August
9-1:15Automating Legal Processes
Clive Spenser
2-6Smart Contracts
Maria Vigliotti
Sandblocks Consulting
7-Summer School Dinner
9 August
9-1Automating Legal Processes (cont.)
1:30-5Legal Modelling
Akber Datoo
D2 Legal Technology

Lunch breaks are between the AM and PM time periods. In each AM and PM time period on Monday-Thursday, there are 30 minute breaks. On Friday, breaks and lunch are a bit shorter.

Information about Lecturers and modules

On the link, please find further information about the lecturers and modules.

Links to local information

Continuing Professional Development

Attending LTSS2019 could contribute towards fulfilling a legal professional’s need for continuing professional development. There will be opportunities for self-reflection. For further information, see:



The LTSS is organised by Dr Adam Wyner, Associate Professor of Law and Computer Science, Director of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Law.


The ethos of the University, as an educational charity, encourages learning, free sharing of ideas, growth of novel ideas, and ongoing professional development based on what is learned. In keeping with this ethos, participants can expect to have unencumbered access to tools and materials during the summer school. In order to fully benefit from this learning experience, free access would to continue for a reasonable period of time after the summer school. In addition, Swansea University would look to use, share, and develop within a research and educational context the tools and materials provided by collaborators and participants at the summer school. If however any participant has any issue with this, please contact Adam Wyner ( for clarification.

Author: Adam Wyner

Associate Professor of Law and Computer Science, Swansea University, United Kingdom

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