Jobs in Computational Law and LegalTech at Swansea University

The School of Law at Swansea University is pleased to offer several academic, research, and developer positions in LegalTech and Computational Law. The positions are offered in conjunction with the Legal Innovation Lab Wales (link and see below). For further information, see the following job links. @IAAIL @JURIX #LegalTech

The full, current (as of 22 Dec 2019) positions, including positions in Cyber Security and Lab management, can be found here.

Legal Innovation Lab Wales is a £5.6 million initiative within the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law. Backed by the Welsh European Funding Office with £4 million of European Regional Development Funds, Legal Innovation Lab Wales encourages innovation in LegalTech and Access to Justice, as well as in countering terrorist and criminal use of the internet.

The project will deliver a suite of sector-leading research and collaboration facilities, including: a Legal AI laboratory; a cyber threats research suite; a legal innovation centre, and a Law Clinic where LegalTech innovation and collaboration can be piloted, leading to the deployment of applications and platforms that support access to justice. The funding also supports the appointment of new researchers and a software development team to work with law firms, technology companies and security organisations with the aim of:

  • maximising opportunities to innovate in the emerging LegalTech sector;
  • developing toolkits and frameworks to mitigate the risk of online platforms and social media being exploited by criminals and terrorists;
  • deploying digital products and services that help communities to access legal guidance and information.

Author: Adam Wyner

Associate Professor of Law and Computer Science, Swansea University, United Kingdom