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The paper by Bhattacharya, Paul, Ghosh, Ghosh, and Wyner (2019) Identification of Rhetorical Roles of Sentences in Indian Legal Judgments, recipient of the best paper award at the JURIX 2019 conference, recently got widespread publicity in India:

LegalTech Proposal Sandbox

Swansea University, 25-26 January, 2020


Swansea University, in collaboration with Simmons Wavelength, is offering a free, two-day, interactive, collaborative sandbox to generate outline proposals for LegalTech projects. The sessions are powered by Simmons Wavelength’s deep experience, knowledge, and methodology in Legal Design, Legal Engineering, and Legal Ops.

The sessions will be led by the Simmons Wavelength team along with Adam Wyner, a Swansea University faculty member in Law and Computer Science.

Simmons Wavelength is the world’s leading regulated firm of legal engineers, using data engineering and creative design to educate, deliver positive change in the legal sector, and transform how each professional, business, and member of society experiences legal process.

Swansea University is on the cutting edge of LegalTech research and training with its LegalTech LLM, LegalTech Academy, and Legal Innovation Lab Wales

Program (sketch TO BE REVISED)

Participants will leave with a well-developed project proposal, learning over the course to:

Day 1 Saturday 25 January 10-17:00
– Generate problem ideas, statements, and links.
– Create a public mind-map.
– Explore common themes, obstacles, and needs across ideas.
– Identify project funding.
– Elaborate a theme into a proposal sketch.

Day 2 Sunday 26 January 10-16:00
– Revise the proposal sketch.
– Make an initial presentation.
– Provide encouraging critiques.
– Develop a project case for support.
– Make a final presentation.

Lunch and coffee breaks will be provided to all participants without cost.

After the session on Day 1, there will be an optional dinner with participants in Swansea on a pay-for-yourself basis. Venue location will be Las Iguanas in Swansea city centre, next to the castle.


Attendees can be at any stage of their career and play any function in the legal sector. They need not have expertise in LegalTech; the only prerequisites are a keen interest to learn more, develop their skills as a changemaker, and to realise LegalTech ideas!


Registration is free on eventbrite. Spaces are limited.

Participant Info

Participants are requested to provide some information about themselves on this form.


The program will be held in the new state-of-the-art facilities of the Computational Foundry on the Bay Campus of Swansea University. See the links for travel and parking information.

accommodation and local information

On the link, you will find a page about accommodation and local information. Note the information about Pay and Display Parking on the Bay Campus. Parking spaces are not reserved over the weekend, so they are available on a first come first served basis. Weekends are very quiet. Visitors are welcome to use the Visitors Carpark (at the entrance to the Bay Campus) and the back 6 rows of the staff car park (follow the road through the campus to a large carpark). Again, carparks are operated on a pay and display basis.

The LegalTech Proposal Sandbox is being held on the Bay Campus of Swansea University. In making accommodation arrangements, consult Google Maps about local transportation between your accommodation and the Bay Campus.


If you have any questions or problems, contact the program convener Adam Wyner (see below) at

Sandbox facilitators

Erika Concetta Pagano, Head of Legal Innovation and Design  Erika is a lawyer, facilitator, innovator, and educator with a passion for problem solving, culture creation, teaming, technology, and cross-border initiatives. She is Head of Legal Innovation and Design at Wavelength Law and Guest Faculty at IE University. Previously, Erika was the Director of LawWithoutWalls and Lecturer at the University of Miami School of Law. Erika is a regular speaker, published author, and award-winning innovator. She sits on multiple boards (Awesome Foundation Miami, ILTA Law School Advisory Group, and National Advisory Council for Law School Transparency) and is a graduate of Georgetown University and the University of Miami. 

Adam Wyner, Associate Professor of Law and Computer Science, Swansea University. Director of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Law. Researcher and lecturer on Artificial Intelligence and Law, specialising in knowledge extraction, representation, and reasoning to manage, analyse, and interpret volumes of textual data in Law (legislation, regulations, and case law), Political Science (policy-making), and the Humanities (Linguistics and History). The research impacts on real world problems, where decision support is essential, e.g. legal or political arguments.


Jobs in Computational Law and LegalTech at Swansea University

The School of Law at Swansea University is pleased to offer several academic, research, and developer positions in LegalTech and Computational Law. The positions are offered in conjunction with the Legal Innovation Lab Wales (link and see below). For further information, see the following job links. @IAAIL @JURIX #LegalTech

The full, current (as of 22 Dec 2019) positions, including positions in Cyber Security and Lab management, can be found here.

Legal Innovation Lab Wales is a £5.6 million initiative within the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law. Backed by the Welsh European Funding Office with £4 million of European Regional Development Funds, Legal Innovation Lab Wales encourages innovation in LegalTech and Access to Justice, as well as in countering terrorist and criminal use of the internet.

The project will deliver a suite of sector-leading research and collaboration facilities, including: a Legal AI laboratory; a cyber threats research suite; a legal innovation centre, and a Law Clinic where LegalTech innovation and collaboration can be piloted, leading to the deployment of applications and platforms that support access to justice. The funding also supports the appointment of new researchers and a software development team to work with law firms, technology companies and security organisations with the aim of:

  • maximising opportunities to innovate in the emerging LegalTech sector;
  • developing toolkits and frameworks to mitigate the risk of online platforms and social media being exploited by criminals and terrorists;
  • deploying digital products and services that help communities to access legal guidance and information.

LegalTech Summer School

Swansea University

5-9 August 2019

The Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law, Swansea University, is pleased to announce the first LegalTech Summer School (LTSS), to be held from 5-9 August 2019 at the Computational Foundry on the Bay Campus, Swansea, UK.

The LTSS 2019 offers the opportunity to learn about the application of Artificial Intelligence concepts and technologies as they apply to law and legal services, which are driving dramatic change in LegalTech. The programme particularly suits legal professionals working in private sector law firms, public sector government offices, and third sector non-profit organisations. The courses and hands on sessions will be taught by lecturers from industry and academia. In addition, prominent invited speakers will address the current situation and future of LegalTech.

Registration Now open

Places are limited, and early registration is strongly recommended to avoid disappointment. Please use EventBrite:

Registration ticket of 950 GBP includes: 5 days of tuition, lunches, and refreshments. The fee also includes a drinks reception and a Summer School dinner.

accommodation and local information

On the link, you will find a page about accommodation and local information.

Note that LTSS2019 is being held on the Bay Campus of Swansea University. In making accommodation arrangements, it is worth consulting Google Maps about local transportation between your accommodation and the Bay Campus.


5 August
9-1:15Invited Speakers
Bruna Pellicci, CTO
Greg Baker, Lead Innovation Lawyer
Principles of Legal Design
Erika Pagano
Annabel Wilson
2-6Principles of Legal Design (cont.)
6-Drinks reception
6 August
9-1:15Natural Language Processing
Mark Greenwood
GATE at Sheffield University
2-6Natural Language Processing (cont.)
7 August
9-1:15Machine Learning and Law
Lachan Harrison-Smith
Daniel Roythorne
2-6Open Session – tourism or meetings
8 August
9-1:15Automating Legal Processes
Clive Spenser
2-6Smart Contracts
Maria Vigliotti
Sandblocks Consulting
7-Summer School Dinner
9 August
9-1Automating Legal Processes (cont.)
1:30-5Legal Modelling
Akber Datoo
D2 Legal Technology

Lunch breaks are between the AM and PM time periods. In each AM and PM time period on Monday-Thursday, there are 30 minute breaks. On Friday, breaks and lunch are a bit shorter.

Information about Lecturers and modules

On the link, please find further information about the lecturers and modules.

Links to local information

Continuing Professional Development

Attending LTSS2019 could contribute towards fulfilling a legal professional’s need for continuing professional development. There will be opportunities for self-reflection. For further information, see:



The LTSS is organised by Dr Adam Wyner, Associate Professor of Law and Computer Science, Director of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Law.


The ethos of the University, as an educational charity, encourages learning, free sharing of ideas, growth of novel ideas, and ongoing professional development based on what is learned. In keeping with this ethos, participants can expect to have unencumbered access to tools and materials during the summer school. In order to fully benefit from this learning experience, free access would to continue for a reasonable period of time after the summer school. In addition, Swansea University would look to use, share, and develop within a research and educational context the tools and materials provided by collaborators and participants at the summer school. If however any participant has any issue with this, please contact Adam Wyner ( for clarification.